La French Audit, a new name with 15 years’ experience…

With years of experience under their belt, Géraud Ferrandier, a Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, and his team – as the saying goes, “we don’t change a winning team”– are excited to reveal their firm’s fresh new look.

In today’s society, we are being pushed to enhance ourselves and revolutionise our working methods.

We take pride in assisting you by monitoring your accounts and identifying development opportunities. We are committed to standing by you as you pursue success, and we sincerely appreciate the trust you place in us.

La nouvelle image du cabinet d'expertise-comptable La French Audit

Our expertise

Géraud Ferrandier, Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, and his team can draw on the experience they have acquired over the years to help you with :

Drawing up annual financial statements and tax returns (we provide tax optimisation advice, including income allocation, salaries and dividends).

Accounting services

Preparation of periodic accounting statements

Preparation of combined or consolidated accounts (French standard 99-02 / IFRS 10)

La FRENCH AUDIT offers a range of services tailored to client requirements. La FRENCH AUDIT staff can provide this service either on-site or at the client’s location.

Our values

La French Audit team is dedicated, open to new working methods, and embraces change.

Humanity: By actively listening to our clients, we can adapt our offerings to meet their specific needs. At La FRENCH AUDIT, we value both your business and your individuality!

Responsiveness and availability: You will have a dedicated point of contact for personalised follow-up. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Teamwork: a single point of contact but a whole team at your disposal to support you in all areas (accounting, legal, tax, employment, etc.).

Innovation: As entrepreneurs, we are driven by innovation and often pioneers in adopting new tools.

What sets us apart?

Development of our Effiz software solution to optimise administrative processes for micro-businesses and self-employed individuals – integration of banking data.
The integration of electronic invoices – mandatory for B-to-B players by 2023-2025 in France.
Going paperless – dematerialisation of accounting documents.

We are members …

Our curiosity also drives us to get involved in various external activities:

Member of the innovation commission – Ordre des Experts-comptables: To see what Géraud Ferrandier, chartered accountant, has to say click here.

Network CJD Nantes for 7 years: Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants (Centre for Young Managers)

The FOGEFOR (forest management training)

The little extras

By being proactive in our client engagements, we effectively plan our work to meet all deadlines. This approach keeps us ahead and allows us to work with peace of mind. Built on loyalty, we have long-term relationships with both our clients and collaborators.

We’re with you every step of the way

We’re here to help you succeed. Your trust in us is valued.

Drafting of articles of association

Accounting entries

General meetings, legal formalities

Drawing up balance sheets

Pay slips

Online accounting

Social security declarations including sick leave, maternity leave / déclaration unique d’embauche (French employment declarations) / drafting employment contracts …

SCI, LMNP (French companies created for property ownership and management), asset management

IRPP (personal income tax returns)