« To accompany someone
is to place oneself
neither in front, nor behind,
nor in their place.
It is to be beside them. »

Joseph Templier

La French Audit, a chartered accountancy firm in Nantes.

We are fully committed to supporting you and offering expert advice for your business needs.

We aim to modernise the chartered accountancy profession by using digital tools.

La French Audit provides services in accounting and auditing.
The name of the company, La French Audit, takes inspiration from the unique French Tech start-up initiative, reflecting the company’s focus on innovation and digital technology.

  • Development of our Effiz software solution to streamline administrative processes for micro-businesses and self-employed individuals, including the integration of banking data.
  • Integration of electronic invoices (known as FacturX).
  • Go paperless! Dematerialisation of accounting documents.
  • Electronic filing of annual accounts.

Our values

As the world evolves, the firm moves forward!
We are continuously improving our working methods. Through the regular adoption of new tools, we strive to create a positive impact on our business as well as yours.
We focus on being your primary reference and ally in assisting your business.
We are dedicated to leading you on the path to success and value your trust.

A committed team, curious about new working methods and proud to be at your side.

La French Audit has clients all over France. The majority are based mainly in the west of France and in Paris. Our client base encompasses a wide variety of companies: Micro-businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), self-employed individuals and regional groups from the building, property, industry, software, trade and health sectors, as well as forestry groups!
We take a proactive approach to client relations and carefully schedule our work to ensure timely completion. By doing so, we consistently stay ahead, allowing us to work with peace of mind.

LA FRENCH AUDIT supports property professionals such as estate agents, property traders and developers.
In addition, our company specialises in property asset management and offers expertise in setting up French property investment schemes (SCI & LMNP) as well as tax optimisation.
LA FRENCH AUDIT supports retailers and tackles the problems associated with their businesses including estimating shrinkage and compensation claims in the event of building work. We work with town-centre shops and traders.
LA FRENCH AUDIT offers its expertise to artisans, including butchers, hairdressers, carpenters, plasterers, joiners, roofers, and building companies.
LA FRENCH AUDIT helps its clients in the agri-food, metallurgy, hydraulics and industrial paint sectors.

LA FRENCH AUDIT works with more than 100 healthcare professionals practising as individuals, de facto companies or private practice companies. We assist various healthcare professionals such as pharmacies, general practitioners and specialists (part of Sector 1 / Sector 2 of French Healthcare agreements), medical analysis laboratories, independent practitioner partnerships and URPSs (French Professional Association of Independent Practitioners).
We can help select the right business entity partnership: SELs (private limited liability company for self-employed professionals), De facto companies, Société civile de moyens (SCM – French structure to help partners pool resources) and establish the financial terms.

LA FRENCH AUDIT advises business service companies, personal services and training sectors on a range of issues. Our clients include insurers, restaurant owners, home-help and personal assistance providers, notaries (solicitors) and other legal professionals…

LA FRENCH AUDIT supports web-related ventures such as start-ups, webmasters, and website-based businesses.

LA FRENCH AUDIT assists the Education sector, schools (management bodies/ Catholic education management bodies), reintegration programs, training programs and health.

LA FRENCH AUDIT’s clients include a number of dealerships, car experts, technical inspection and road safety companies.

Our little extra at LA FRENCH AUDIT is forestry management. We run training days on forestry taxation at FOGEFOR – CRPF.
We can advise and assist you with your forestry investments.

Our Expertise

We take pride in supporting you by monitoring your accounts and exploring growth possibilities. We’re here to guide you on your journey to success and we are grateful for the trust you have placed in us.

Expertise comptable

Accounting Expertise

This is our principal mission. LA FRENCH AUDIT provides customised accounting services and assists clients in selecting optimal tax options.

Gestion sociale

Corporate Management

We assist in your business growth, offering guidance on various aspects such as business management, payroll management, administrative suggestions, budgeting, and more. Seeking advice from LA FRENCH AUDIT guarantees you independent advice!

Secrétariat juridique


We can help you with your legal formalities.

Audit / CAC

Audits / Statutory Auditors

The results of our audits are shared with management, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the controls. We can also help with special financial auditing assignments, including contribution audits, merger audits, transformation audits, and capital increases and reductions.

Création d’entreprise

Starting a business

La FRENCH AUDIT is here to help you set up your business.
We can help you choose the right legal structure. Our teams will work with you to draw up a business forecast and get your business up and running.

Transmission d’entreprise

Transferring your business

Transferring a business is an important event for a director or owner. La FRENCH AUDIT assists those taking over or selling their businesses.